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Simon Boyé — PhD in Computer Graphics

Image synthesis & Geometric modeling


November 2015 — January 2018
The Foundry : R&D
Design of vector graphic tools to draw directly on the surface of polygonal meshes
October 2014 — September 2015
Inria Bordeaux : Software development
Development of Patate library (Vitelotte module) []
Development of Patate-related plugins in Gratin[]
October 2009 — August 2013
University Bordeaux I : PhD & teaching
Software development : Unpublished prototypes, Meshlab plugin
Publications : Siggraph Asia 2012, Pacific Graphics 2010
Teaching : Image synthesis, image processing, C++, …


October 2009 — Décember 2012
PhD in computer science, LaBRI, University of Bordeaux
Subject : "Hybrid representation for interactive geometric modeling"
Supervisors : Gaël Guennebaud and Christophe Schlick
September 2006 — June 2009
Master in computer science, university of Bordeaux, magna cum laude
Specification : Image synthesis and geometric modeling
Master thesis at LaBRI with Gaël Guennebaud : "MLS applied to polygonal meshes"
September 2003 — June 2006
Licence of computer science, university of Bordeaux, cum laude

Professional Skills

Programming languages
[Avancé] C++, GLSL, Python, C [Intermédiaire] Java, JS, script shell, PHP [Notions] Rust, Haxe, LISP, …
Documents / data languages
HTML5, SVG, CSS, Json, XML, Latex
Software libraries
OpenGL, Qt, Eigen, SDL2, CGAL, Surface_mesh, VCGlib, OpenMesh, libIGL
Computer graphics / 3D [* plugin development]
GIMP, Blender*, Inkscape, Meshlab*, Maya*
French [mother tongue] Engilsh [fluent]
Linux, Windows, MacOS X, Android


Video game, including casual development (Ludum Dare) []
Murder party organization and animation (~50 players)
Tabletop role playing game (player & game master)
Instruments : guitar, piano
Founder and first president of the LaBRUIT (LaBRI's musicians association)